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fredag 29 november 2013

Konstruktiv kritik

Sedan i höstas har jag följt Otto von Münchows blogg "In Flow".
Han är professionell fotograf.
Lägger in en länk som tar er dit.
In Flow

Vid ett av mina besök där klickade jag på Picture Critique.
Picture Critique

Kunde inte motstå möjligheten att få ett professionellt utlåtande på en av mina bilder som jag är mycket förtjust i men inte helt nöjd med.

Lägger in den aktuella bilden och utlåtandet från Otto von Munchow och mitt svar.
Jag har Ottos tillåtelse att publicera hans svar och givetvis har jag gett honom min när jag länkade in min bild.

I will give you my feedback in English. I hope it’s OK Monica, I just do it so others might get something out of the critique, too. I think this is a delightful small scale landscape picture. Storforsen means the big waterfall or river, but in this picture you have focused on a little side stream with only a thin flow of water, running from rock to rock. I like that, seeing the small details in the bigger picture so to speak. The bit of brown moss on the rock in the upper right corner gives me a feeling of autumn – which is enhanced by the cool tone of the picture. The exposure time is nice, just enough to give a feeling of running water. Of course if you have had a tripod (which I by the way hate to use…) and used a longer shutter speed you could have captured even more flow in the water, but sometimes I think landscape photographers tend to overuse this effect – and it becomes just that; an effect. The flow as it is now brings forth the feeling of a tiny stream, finding its way down through a bolder of rocks. Seems so peaceful and modest. You say you are not quite satisfied with the picture yourself. The only thing I see is a composition that is not quite optimal. The stream runs in a straight line from top to bottom. It would have made for a much more dynamic visual impact if it had wound its way back and forth over the rocks as well. In addition the stream is placed over to the right in the frame. With the rocks darker on this side of the image, too, it distorts the compositional balance, drawing the visual mass of the picture over to the right. One way to compensate for this is to crop the left side which of course will place the stream right down the middle of the frame, but I think it’s worth a try. Finally I would also have cropped quite a bit of the rock beneath; it’s not adding anything to the picture. Just as I write this another thought came up: And other way to have created a more dynamic composition could have been to step back a bit and see if you could play with other elements in the landscape. I don’t know because I wasn’t there – and anyway it’s too late for this picture anyway. In the end it’s really a nice picture, I like the subtle mood it conveys, the portrait of a tiny side stream finding its own way.

Mitt Svar

Thank you so MUCH Otto for giving me your critique of this picture. It means a lot to me and I can now understand why I wasn´t satisfied with it. I think I´ve cropped it to much on the right side and that made the imbalance that you talk about. The reason was unfortunately other elements from landscape.
I also like your embracing description of the picture and it agree very much with my feelings for it. I call it along the journey or “längs färden”.
Hope I can include your picture critique on my blog by copying your opinion and a link to your blog.
Best regards

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vad roligt att få ett expertutlåtande! och jättefin bild :))

  2. Takk for at du deler dette. Lærerikt, Og bildet er knall bra!!

  3. Så gøy at du deler dette. Spennende å se hva de mer erfarne mener, og her har du jo fått flott kritikk. Vakkert bilde er det iallefall, det er det ingen tvil om :-)

  4. Bilden är jättefin, kul att få den bedömd av ett proffs.